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Users adding Communities

Posted by: Chris Schaller | April 29, 2014

Local Highway History would like to thank Maui Greg for adding stories for a few communities in North Carolina.  This is exactly the kind of user input we are looking for.  Those communities are now visible from within the HistOrigin™ app and can be enjoyed by the good people of Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, and Buxton North Carolina, and anyone else traveling near or through those communities.  You have to have the HistOrigin™ app of course.


If you know the story behind the origin of your city, town, village, burg, borough or hamlet, we want to know that story.  Use the Add Story form on the historigin.com website.  ADD STORY

The goal of the HistOrigin™ project is to collect the origin stories for every single community in the United States.  To that end, this collection will be like no other database of its kind, as it will contain the entire story or the birth or our nation, one community at a time, from sea to shining sea.