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Release of HistOrigin FREE version

Posted by: Chris Schaller | August 26, 2014

Local Highway History LLC, will be releasing a FREE version of the HistOrigin™ app into the Google Play Store within the next 5 days.


The FREE version of HistOrigin™ app will display Historical Markers for the entire country along with the City, Town, Village stories Local HighWay History Staff have written to date. Additionally, the free version will not allow the use of the filter functionality that turns off the Historical Markers, so you can see only see the City, Town Village story locations designated with a state flag pushpin. The Free version will also display ads. 


If you would like to get rid of the ads and use the filter functionality, you can purchase the full version of HistOrigin™ app from the Google Play Store.


The decision to offer the FREE version of the HistOrigin™ app in this configuration, was based on the desire to give users who live outside the 3 states we currently have content for, the opportunity to see some data from their area, rather than offering up a blank map. The historical marker positions are shown on the map as a pushpin in the shape of a standard historical marker you will hopefully recognize.


Thanks and Stay tuned.