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HistOrigin v007 Patch Notes

Posted by: Chris Schaller | March 15, 2013
  1. Played with the timeout in getCurentLocation.  We want to only accept a NEW GPS position at every 20 second interval, so I set the value for the age of an acceptable cashed GPS position to be no older than 19 seconds.  This means that at every 20 second ping, we grab a new position or receive an ERROR CODE.  This could bring the potential for to many errors if you ever have a  spotty GPS connection.  Testing needed.
  2. Added a Information page connected to the information button on the main page that contains buttons for About Us, Description, FAQ, Disclaimer and Terms of Use documents. Placeholder documents are in position.  All we have to do is copy the official content, once reviewed into place and it will show on the app.
  3. Layout work to make sure the main page is displayed correctly on as many screen sizes and devices  as possible.
  4. Worked on the Zoom mode behavior.  Seems when stopped, the Traveler functionality zooms further in than when at speed.  When at speed, the zoom level is maintained and the map adjusts to the new gps position without changing zoom level.  This is what we want.  When you slow down though, the zoom in zoom out thing happens and this is not what we want to see.  Dont have this completely figured out yet but it is improved.