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History of Lansing Michigan

Posted by: Chris Schaller | April 08, 2016

In February 1827, the area of Lansing was originally surveyed as Township four North Range two West. Land in the area was sold for the first time in October 1830. In late 1835, two brothers from New York laid out a town plat just south of Lansing and called it Biddle town. Unfortunately, the land was regularly flooded for most of the year. Returning to New York, the brothers sold the plots of land any way, saying the city covered an area of 65 blocks and contained a church and an academic square. 16 men were fooled into purchasing land in the area. Upon arrival at the nonexistent city they realized they had been scammed. Those who stayed settled nearby around what is now Metropolitan Lansing. They immediately named their new village, Lansing in honor of their home village in New York. Lansing was Incorporated in 1859.