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Boomer Sooner

Posted by: Chris Schaller | April 22, 2015

The announced opening of 1.9 million acres of the Oklahoma territory took place on this day in 1889. 

In what must have been quite a specticle, Boomers as they were called, settlers in wagons, horseback and on foot, formed  temporary camps on the boarders of the territory and awaited the signal. At 11:50 am April 22 1889, cannons were fired on all 4 sides of the territory and settlers poured into Oklahoma.  By the end of the day, nearly 60,000 people had moved into the territory to stake a land claim where the towns of Norman, Oklahoma City, Guthrie and Kingfisher were formed almost overnight. 

If you would like to learn more about the Oklahoma land rush, check out this article:  http://urbanplanning.library.cornell.edu/DOCS/landrush.htm