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Project Status 20120814

Posted by: Chris Schaller | August 15, 2012

Project Development - Local History Traveler

Date - 20120815

The project (what I can contribute to it) is being written in AJAX 7.0 using php and javascript wit the BingMapsAndriodSDK and BingMapsSDK. There is the option to develop this in a programming SDK tool called Bing Maps Silverlight that provides some additional capabilities, but i do not understand Silverlight at this time.

I broke the project into tasks

Phone side

Graphics Design

  1. Graphics - What kind of graphics do we want for an intro page? we can hire a gaphics artist online at a great price for professional grade graphics to design us a logo and branding..
  2. Buttons -
  3. Screens - Intro Screen with pretty graphic and a go Button.


  1. I have been playing with a bunch of tools related to the actual programming that will reside on the phone. There is a difference between making something work through your internet browser. There is more going on in the phone related to the ability of the app to interpret results coming from the server, decode them and display them on the phone in a way that can be interwacted with and not just a image coming back to the phone screen. Eclipse usng phonegap plugin and AndroidBingMapSDK and BingMapSDK.. App Inventor


  1. Identify Current Gps position from the phone - done in App Inventor.
  2. Write code to push variables lat, lng, radius from phone to server.

Server Side

  1. Write code in bing maps that displays a better icon than AJAX 6.3. - Done
  2. Wtite code that will output records from our DB in JSON format - Done
  3. Write code that will display all the records in our DB on a Bing Map - Done
  4. Write code that will output only records from our DB in JSON format within a radius of centerpoint. - Done
  5. Display only records from within a defined radius. - Done on Web side, needs to be converted to app.