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Project Status 20120824

Posted by: | August 24, 2012

It took a few late nights, but I made great progress on a few issues that were holding me up. Trying to get the car icon to display at the users current position proved to be a little more difficult than I though it would be, but I got it done. Now, no matter where you are, you can start the app and your current position will display a small red car icon. The next item was to get the pinpoints for incorporated cities, towns and villages to show up based on the users current position and not by a latitude/longitude that was written into the code. This wound up being a pain in the butt that took me 2 full evenings to finally understand. Turns out the solution was already in front of me, but I did not understand how to implement it. finally cracked it late last night. So. As of this morning 20120824, we have an application that shows your exact location on a bing map along with any incorporated cities, towns and villages within a 10 mile radius of your current position. I learned some more about the eclipse programming platform. I was worried that there would need to be a major conversion of my webpage code to get it to work on an android device. Turns out this is not so. There is a tool called PhoneGap that is installed onto the Eclipse programming platform that makes this a a bit easier. Turns out there is NO conversion needed. All I had to do was drop my code into an Android project in Eclipse using PhoneGap and POOF! IT WORKED! you can see the progress here: http://www.historigin.com/data/mySQL/new-map.php Next issues to tackle are: 1. generate the radius circle that will be shown on the screen to match your chosen radius. - Done - 20120830 2. Create an interface so the user can change the radius size 2. Install my platting steak pushpin. - Issues with transparent color not transparent is holding this up. - Done - 20120903 3. Decide on buttons and intro screen configurations. - Done - 20120903 4. Main page graphic. - Hire an artist for concept art/logos. More soon. Chris.