Add Story Procedure


These instructions should be used by the public for adding City, Town, Village origin stories into the HistOrigins database for use by the HistOrigin application.


The purpose of this task is to populate our database with origin stories for Cities, Towns and Villages in the USA. If you know the story of the origin of your community, we are interested in knowing that story.



Here is a list of relative information, dates and events we are interested in knowing about your community.


  • The people, and the situation, and/or the event, and/or the observation that led settlers to stop here and establish the home, hamlet/village that becomes your community.
  • How did your hometown get its name. What were its different incarnations and names over time?
  • How and Why did your hometown come to be?
  • When did the first settlers arrive in your hometown ?
  • What date was your hometown founded and by whom?
  • What date was your hometown platted and or surveyed and by whom?
  • What date was the community incorporated as a village, township, city?
  • What is that story. This is the information we are interested in.

Your story can be as elaborate as your facts can provide. When we say, "hometown", this can be your Hamlet, Village, City, Bourough, Township. Every community has an Origin Story.


Please use the Form Located here to add your record: Add Record Form


1. Add The name of the Community for which you are entering a record.

2. Add the Name of the County where this community is located within the State.

3. Select the State from the pull down list.

4. Add the Story in the Description/Story field.

5. Add Any Tags you feel apply.

6. Enter the URL or the name of a book that would be the best resource for information related to this community, if you have one.  This is not manditory, but appreciated.

7. Click the Add Record Button.


Procedure Following Story Submission

An HistOrigin researcher will review your story and the reference if you provided one. Factors such as the volume of stories to be processed, and our ability to investigate, and confirm the facts of the story, could delay the review of your submission. We process submissions on a first come first serve basis.  You will be notified when your submission has been processed, with information relative to its status.


Updating a Submission

If your submission was accepted for inclusion in the HistOrigin database, but you are dissatisfied, or need to make an update, you can log into your account through the website at and submit your new story or update to the story by using the add record form as if you were creating a new submission. Please be polite and civil. Threatening or abusive behavior will not tolerated.


Editorial Discretion

Please recognize that making the HistOrigin database a useful and viable resource,  requires us to exercise broad editorial discretion in determining whether a submission will be accepted. This discretion extends, but is not limited to the content of the story and how it is presented. In addition, placement of a submission in the database is subject to change or deletion at any time at our sole discretion. Please understand that an editors exercise of discretion may not always treat submissions equally. You may not agree with the choices we make but we hope you recognize that we do our best to make fair and reasonable decisions.