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HistoryRoad v0.003 Patch Notes

Posted by: Chris Schaller | December 22, 2012

I believe the problem with repetition of village Text to speech has been fixed.  Needs to be tested works well in simulator. Name is no longer Pioneer.  We are currently in flux until the name is decided. Rotation of device is handled for main screen. Keys used to go non functional when rotated.  This has been fixed for most resolutions.  possible probles with larger resolutions since I do not have devices to test them on. Still working on Zoom.  Needs to be tested in the field.  please report odd functionality. Added code to do an initialization of GPS to ensure it is running on your device.  If you have GPS functionality but it is not turned on, you are notified to activate GPS and taken to the GPS initialization screen. If you do not have GPS capability, you will be notified that you do not have GPS functionality. When starting Traveling mode, added code to show you your initial GPS position. Added initial  graphics and layouts for all device resolutions.