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Listen to the origin story of the Cities, Towns and Villages you pass around and through as you travel down the road.




Available now on Android and iOS operating systems.







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The Historigin Service audibly reads to you, the Origin Story of communities you pass on your drive. 


HistOrigin® uses Google maps service to display waypoints as pushpins that represent the location of the city hall, town hall or village center along with information related to the date and story behind the origin of cities, towns and villages currently incorporated within the United States of America.


When you start the HistOrigin® app, you can choose one of 2 modes. TRAVELING and EXPLORE.  Using the TRAVELING mode, your screen will display a map with your current position represented as a wagon wheel at the center and a semi transparent circle around your car that represents 3 mile radius around your car.


As you travel, as communities come within 3 miles of your position, a process is triggered that results in you being told the story of the origin of the city, town or village you are approaching.   A info box is initialized at the waypoint on the screen and you can see the city, town or village name, and an abbreviated text of the story and a link to the source where the accepted origin story was derived.



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